About Sum-It
Sum-It is a spreadsheet for BeOS (Download BeOS for free). This is Open Sum-It, the open source version of Maarten Hekkelman's Sum-It application. Developers and testers are invited to visit the homepage (above) and particpate in the project. Sum-It has many features, including a plug-in architecture for formulas and graphs. This product includes software developed by Hekkelman Programmatuur B.V.

Latest Version
First binary release (450 KB) of the open source version is the version 0.1-dev1. Compiled the source and fixed the all crashing bugs I could find. There are still many bugs though. Please report any you find. See the changelog at sourceforge for more details.
CVS, source and other info can be found here.
The Sum-It project is hosted by SourceForge. The sourceforge admin have put in a lot of work to allow us to bring you Sum-It. We recommend them for any open projects you might have

Team Members
Tim Vernum (Team Leader) tpv at acay.com.au
gmlongo at earthlink.net
hawkmoon at users.sourceforge.net
m.lutz at ngi.de

Contact us

(Among others) Clean up the bugs and add Excel compatibility through the GoBe translator.

(version 0.1-dev1)
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